Why you should adopt a greyhound ...

    1- We are crazily loyal

    2 - We sleep ALOT

    3- We need very little exercise - like 2 - 3 short walks a day at most. 40 mph couch potato.

    snoozing on the train

    4 - We can sleep anywhere. On a cushion, on the sofa, on the single bed, on the double bed, in the car, on the carpet, on the rug. Even on the train or the boat.
    snoozes on the train.

    5 - We dont shed very much fur so wont leave piles of hair all over everything. (Thanks to Minnie Greyhound for this point)

    6 - We love people and people love us.

    Eddie and Cat huggling up together in the car. 

    7- We like to snuggle with you and with each other.

    8 -ROACH!!!

    9 - We have spent our younger years working hard, making money for humans. We deserve happy retirements. (Thankyou Wayne da Greyhound for this great point).

    10 - Zoomies!!!

    11 - WE IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Here's a video which has some great info on greyhounds.